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Restorative Yoga
2-week series

Thursday, 7:15 PM    (90 Minutes)
  • 2 Thursdays, March 23rd & 30th, 7:15 PM

    • This class runs for 2 weeks only

  • This class is appropriate for all bodies, no experience or flexibility required.

  • Please book to secure a spot

  • Instructor:  Christie Fahey

Restorative Yoga 1.jpg

Unit your Body, Mind, & Breath!

Living in a culture that reminds us daily to push through, work harder, and override our human birth right to actively rest, can leave us feeling tired and lead to burn out.  Join Christie for a two-part series to learn and experience Restorative Yoga poses, pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation.  


Restorative yoga allows your body, mind, and breath to unite so you can hear, feel and know what you need.  it uses poses with a variety of props to help you feel comfortable, supported and at ease.

Bring your cozy slippers and blankets, turn off your cell phone and pause to really hear your needs. Yoga Bloom provides most yoga props; we do ask you to bring a blanket or two and a yoga mat.

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